12″ Nightlight of the Blessed Virgin Mary with Pink Roses. Item #39741
Blue Pearl Shell Baby Rosary comes in a velveteen box. Item #16039
Pink pearl shell baby rosary comes in a velveteen box. Item #16051
Holy Bears with Baptism Shell embroidery. Item #8008 Pink, #8009 White, #8006 Blue
St. Elizabeth of Hungary Shining Light Doll
St. Anthony of Padua Shining Light Doll
St. Anne Shining Light Doll
Pope St. John Paul the Great Shining Light Doll

We have many more of the Shining Light Dolls!  Check in to see if we have your favorite saints!

13″ Praying Lamb with “Jesus Loves Me” Crib Cross. Item #4803270 Pink, # 4803273 Blue
Thank You Prayers Board Book with Rattle. Item #1459
This Lil Prayer Buddy recites the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be prayers. Item #20342
This plush My First Rosary comes in blue, pink and green.